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Solar Energy Systems Installed by Solclaro

At Solclaro, it is our mission to promote renewable energy. Using solar power systems coupled with our high standards of engineering, we are able to provide consumers with a viable option to help them save money on electricity and gas bills as well as live a greener lifestyle. Our renewable energy system installation does exactly that, it is a money-saving and earth-saving product. We only have one planet, and we are the stewards of it. We are all equally duty bound to do whatever we can to reduce environmental risks, and instead take measures to make our lifestyle less wasteful, and in doing so we should aim to increase awareness of the planet’s well being. Innovations such as Solclaro’s solar power systems can help alleviate the current energy crisis through using natural energy and without further damage to the earth. We want to be a positive agent of change in our immediate community in Bakersfield, California. Our sincere hope and fervent wish is for this solar energy system to reach beyond our locale, and affect change worldwide.

What We Offer

Solclaro cares about both your home and your other home, planet earth. We will walk you through the whole process, from initial consultation to system design and eventually, installation. We also offer free consultations to homeowners, who are interested the money-saving capacities of our solar power energy system. With our help, homeowners will be able to save money on electricity and participate in revolutionizing the way power and energy are used in the home. Our team will personally come to your home to efficiently assess and understand your needs and design a system just for you. We will also take care of procuring the permits needed for the panel installation. Lastly, we provide post-installation monitoring options.

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Our Values

It is rare to find a company like ours that undertakes solar power system installation within residential homes. More often that not, companies require large-scale installations or work orders. No home is too small or too large for Solclaro. We pride ourselves on being up to any challenge that a project may present. Our panel installer team of professionals has been thoroughly and skillfully trained to work with you, and meet all your needs. Whether you already have a preferred design in mind, or whether you prefer to leave the decision to us and use our panels, mounting, PV, and racking expertise—the power and decision-making is in your hands. We are here to make this solar power system installation a breeze. We are here to improve your home and your lifestyle.