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Partner with Solclaro to Help Save the World’s Energy

Solclaro is a startup company in Bakersfield, CA offering a great way for families to save electricity and money by installing residential solar electric systems using panels, mounting, PV and racking. We present greener options for electricity that will surely please both families and our planet. Families are important to us, and the best way to express our commitment to families is by offering them an easy and inexpensive way to preserve the life and health of the planet they live in. We should all be aware of our environmental footprint, and make it a factor in who we live our life. We hope to reduce the carbon blueprint of the world, and we genuinely hope that one day everyone uses a solar power system in their home and business.

What We Offer

We provide installations of quality products that you can mount at home or you can place on the ground beside the home. A qualified and trained panel installer goes out to the homes of those who want these services and installs these renewable energy options properly.

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Not only do we offer a cost-effective way to heat and power homes, we also offer a way to help the environment through green energy usage that renews itself without harmful charcoal, wood, smoke and electricity. It is important to remember that:

  • Solclaro is local and family owned
  • Solclaro uses products manufactured in America
  • Solclaro offers free consultations
  • Solclaro designs solar power system based on specific needs of our customers
  • Solclaro guarantees proper installation

Solclaro is committed to spreading the word about the benefits of solar power energy systems, and wants you to be a part of this mission. With the Solclaro referral program, you can let more people know about the savings and the environmental merits that come with solar power energy systems. For every person you refer that successfully completes the installation process with us, we will award you $500. This is an excellent way to do your part and participate in eliminating harmful energy sources from our environment while earning some money yourself.

What We Need from Partners

If you choose to collaborate with Solclaro, you are helping us help the world and environment. You will help us achieve these goals one home at a time, and you will be part of first-class high-quality product and services. We need people, brands, and companies to support our vision and mission. Whether it is time, financial help or backing, or promotion, we appreciate any and all interest and contribution to Solclaro.